2.32. Team Tournament / Championships

Team Tournament has the same options and features as tournaments for singles and doubles. However, in this case teams can join and play against each other in regular draws. The teams will compete against each other in a form of individual, 1 vs 1 games between players from each respective team.The results of those individual matches will count for the final standings of each team. To set up a team tournament, the admin needs to select the class as a “Team-Event” type.

Open the tournament admin panel and select the step “3.Classes”. In this step, type in the name of the class and then select “Team-Event” as a Match Type (2) and then select the number of matches of a specific matchtype (3) for the team class. In the example below, they will play 2 single matches in every “team-match” they play in this event. In the end, you select which days to be played (4) and “Add” the class. 



After adding the class, teams and players in the teams need to join/be added. Check how to add team and join team section - link to section.

After teams and players have joined, draws need to be generated. You can generate all draw types, in the same way as for singles and doubles. See more about the draw types RankedIn supports - link to section 

Elimination/Monrad draw is used in the example below. To choose which players will play in the individual matches, go to the tournament admin panel, select step “8.Matches” and click the “Enter Result” button.



On this page you can see the Team vs Team matches. To add players to a Team vs Team match, simply click the “enter result” button beside the match. 



On this page you need to decide which players will play the individual matches. Select the players for the individual matches and click the “Save Lineup” button. When players are selected you can enter results for those matches and based on those results, the team vs team winner is determined.


Also, the players can receive ranking points in Team Championships but first, the admin needs to connect the event with a ranking that owns or with the ranking that doesn’t own and select the ranking level.
Please check this link to see how players can get points from Team Championships.