Changelog - Release Notes - Rankedin

Release Note:

Version 4.13

10 March 2021

Major changes

  • Tournaments - each tab has a unique link and can be shared independently 
  • Pages: ranking, tournament, player profile are changed to new SPA technology
  • Improved speed and performance - the system can endure bigger traffic 
  • Added new translation keys 
  • Player Profile - user can select the default Ranking he wishes to present on his profile as a default one (can be done from "Ranking Tab" - clicking the star button beside the prefered ranking) 
  • Team League - admin and players are able to Edit results before Ranking recalculation. After Ranking recalculation only the Admin of Team League can reset the result and enter it again. 

Smaller changes

  • Pages load time has been decreased 
  • bugfix: forbid team creators to add themselves twice as a Team admin - Team League
  • bugfix: not loading Fake profile pages
  • bugfix: SportCam - new match timestamps at Court Stream, Video Manager communication with APP
  • Splitting Android notification from iOS - SportCam
  • Limit char length for events name in Organized and Joined events tab on Player Profile page
  • bugfix: Club League - After entering the result in the "Pools" section the page was scrolling down
  • Doubles Tournaments - after successfully registering for the tournament, the player will see a confirmation page
  • bugfix: Club League (Doubles): The players are not shown on the event page "Players - tab" when are added after closing sign in
  • bugfix: ranking embed on user website - layout bug
  • bugfix: contact admin from the event page
  • bugfix: edit Team League ranking levels - save issue if edited more than one level 
  • bugfix: deleting ranking from Organization Manager page
  • bugfix: "Requires action" label won't be shown for an event where all levels are selected and are approved by the admin
  • bugfix: Club League - wrong gender in the age group
  • bugfix: hide "Ends:" when the event is canceled
  • bugfix: "-" shown instead of numbers on the Organization members page
  • Validation info messages are improved for Draws, Matches, Timetable at tournaments 



History of changes made to the system when releasing new versions.  Includes records of changes such as bug fixes, new features