2.2.3 Classes

The classes of your tournament are the various divisions that people will compete in within the tournament. Classes are typically separated by gender, age group, match type, ability, or a combination of these factors. Many tournaments include variations of different classes in the same sport like: singles, doubles and teams. With Rankedin you can run your tournament and split it by all kinds of such variations using classes. 



To access this page, open the tournament admin panel and select step 3.Classes.


In this step, you need to add classes for the players to join. They can either join by themselves or you as an admin can add them manually. Note, one player can join multiple classes in one tournament.


  • Class name: Add a name for the class. The name of the class is visible on the tournament page. Players can join their respective class by clicking the “join” button.


  • Match Type:  Choose a match type for the class. Players will be filtered in your ranking as Men/Women and Singles/Doubles in accordance with this choice. 

  • Age Group: Choose an age group for the class. The players will be filtered in your ranking as Juniors/Seniors in accordance to this choice.

  • Validate players age: This is to control the age group for players in a given class, the system will automatically check if the player meets the requirements during the sign in process.

  • Participant / Team Limit: Set a limit to the number of participants/teams who can register for a given class. (Teams are for doubles classes)

  • Playing Dates for the class: Playing dates for the class is a range of dates between Start and End date for the respective class in your tournament. Later, you can schedule the matches for this class and the matches will be scheduled on the selected days only.


You can add as many classes as you need for your tournament. All added classes will be visible on your tournament page and players will be able to join the classes until you close the sign in for the tournament. You can also edit or delete the classes.

  • Edit Class: Click the “Edit” button for the class you want to edit. In the pop up, edit the settings and click the “Save” button. For security purposes, some settings can not be changed at some stages. Please see the list of validations below:

- Delete Class: 
Click the red “Delete” button for the class you want to delete. Please note, deleting the class will delete the draws if the draws are already generated.