6.11 Ranking - how players can get points from Team League.

The ranking for Team League works quite differently to that of club league or tournament. In both club league and tournament, the players get ranking points based on their final standings but in team league, players can get ranking points based on the individual played match and lineup position. In the team league, even if you lose the match there is a possibility to earn ranking points.
The ranking owner can set different or equal points for all lining up. If you wondering how to change, edit or create a new ranking point, please visit Ranking Point Levels.


The results of all the played matches are calculated in the ranking every Monday at 03:00 am (CET).

NOTE: After the ranking calculation, the results can not be edited/reset by the players. In order to edit the result, the players need to contact the event admin to reset the result and after that the players can enter the correct result. The new result will take effect in the ranking on the following Monday.

  • Individual played matches - A team mate can play more than one match for the team. Can be part of the singles matches and doubles as well. Even one particular team member can play all matches for their own team.
    This player will earn points for every individual played match.

(Check the Image 1 below)


                                 Image 1

  • Lineup position - The players can get ranking points for won and lost matches and the points can be different for 1st, 2nd, 3th ... lining up (Depend of the ranking owner)

(Check the Image 2 below)


                                 Image 2