4.2. Create Ranking


To create a ranking is very easy and everyone has access to create a ranking for your organization, club etc. It's also important to know that you don’t need to create a ranking for different genders or different age groups. These are by default included in each ranking and it will automatically appear after finishing the event. The ranking will split in different ranges based on gender and age group classes you use in the event. 


In the top bar of the website, click the “Create” (1) button and select “Ranking”(2). Check image 1 below.


Image 1


In the  pop-up (check Image 2 below), select “Sport”(3) and click the “Create”(4) button.


Image 2


You will be redirected to the “Create Ranking Form” (Check image 3 below). On this page, you will need to enter the necessary info (a, b, c, d) for the ranking and click the “Create” button(5):


Note: To create a ranking you must have an organization.

  1. Select an Organization - In this part you need to select your organization. In case you haven’t created an organization yet, you will need to do this first. Please visit the "Club / Organization / Federation / Friends Group" section in this manual to see how to create an organization.

  2. Name - You can enter the name of the ranking here.

  3. Privacy Policy - In this step, you are choosing the Privacy Policy for your ranking. 

    Three options are available:

    • "Open" everybody can use the ranking.

    • "Closed" means that only the ranking owner can use this ranking.

    •  "With permission" anyone can use the ranking, but it will need to be approved (without approved ranking, the admin of the event that is using that ranking can not finish the event).

  4. Sport - In this last step, you can choose the sport types of the ranking you are creating. You can have different rankings for each sport under one organization.

For example, if you have  tennis and padel in your club, you can create an organization (Club) and in the same club, you will be able to make different rankings for each sport, one for tennis and one for padel.


Image 3