2.23. Finish Tournament

When all results are entered, admins need to generate standings and finish the tournament.

In order to generate standings, some requirements need to be met:

  • All matches need to be finished.

  • If the ranking is connected to the tournament, ranking levels for all classes need to be selected.

  • If the connected ranking is “with permission”, it needs to be approved by the owner of the ranking.


To generate standings and finish the tournament, open the tournament admin panel and select step “9.Start/Stop”. First you need to generate standings, by selecting the “Generate standings” button.



After generating the standings, admins can edit or change the standings if needed. Admins can edit and change the players positions and/or players points. Admins can edit the standings only before finishing the tournament. When the tournament is finished, only the ranking owner can edit the standings. Check this link for more information about Edit standings

After generating standings, the admin needs to finish the tournament in order for the points to be added to the ranking. Points are updated to a ranking every Monday. To finish the tournament, click the “Finish the tournament” button.