2.24. Edit Final Standing

After standings are generated, admin can edit and change standings and/or points for the players if needed. In order to edit the standings, they need to be generated first. (Check how to generate standings - Link to section). Tournament admin is able to edit the standings only before finishing the tournament. After finishing the tournament, only the Ranking owner is able to edit the standings.

To edit standings, go to the tournament admin panel and select step “9.Start/Stop”. Click the “Edit Standings” (1) button and you get access to “Edit Players Position” (2), “Edit Players Points” (3) and  “Remove Player” (4). All changes are affecting the ranking that you used in the event, after the next ranking recalculation. Ranking recalculation is proceeded every Monday.


Admin can also add players in the standings. Click the “Add Player” button, search for the player and click “Add”. You’ll be able to add standings and points for the added player.