4.4. Settings


In order to reach the “settings” of your ranking, you need to go to the organization which is linked to the ranking. In the top bar, click the “I admin menu” (1) button and click show all on  “My Organizations/Clubs” (2). 



You will be redirected to the “Manage Organizations” page from where you can see all the organizations that you have created. 

Select  “Organization Manager” (3)


After entering your “Organization Manager”, click on “Rankings”(4) to see all rankings that are created for this organization. Click on  “Ranking Manager” (5) for the ranking you want to manage.  


When entering the “Ranking Manager”, you will find the ranking settings which you can edit located on the left side. 

Click the “Edit”(6) button in order to change the settings.


Best amount of X (number) - What does it mean? This is the method used to calculate the Rankings. In the defined time range (setting “Points expiration period in months”), the system would choose your Best of X performance (best scores) and include them in players’ Ranking Points. 

Example: Setting “Best amount of Tournaments Classes” set to 8 and “Points expiration period in months” set to 12.  If players participated in 15 ranked tournaments during the last year (last 52 weeks), the system would sum up the 8 best point scores to calculate the players’ Rankings Points. 


  1. Name - Ranking name.
  2. Privacy Policy - ranking privacy policy.
  3. Hide children under the age of 13 -  If this option is on, children under the age of 13 will be replaced with the text - ,,Because of age control, player is hidden"
  4. Best amount of Private Challenges (monthly) - number of private challenges that are calculated in your ranking
  5. Best amount of Clube Leagues - the number of Clube League Rounds that will be included in your Ranking
  6. Best amount of Tournaments Classes - the number of Tournament classes that will be included in your Ranking.,
         (Example image 2, In this case the ranking will count the points from the best 10 tournaments        for each class that particular player had in the period of 12 months)
  7. Best amount of Team Leagues Individual Matches - the number of Team League’s Individual matches points that go through your ranking. (to know more - visit ….)
  8. Points expiration period in months - define for how long a period, in months, the ranking points will count. After the expiration period, the tournament and ranking points is not                   included in the Ranking anymore (Example: if set to 12, it mean that tournament which has           End Data set to 31.03.2020 will be erased from the Ranking on the first Monday following             31.03.2021 - Ranking will be recalculated on that Monday and that Tournament/Ranking               points will not count anymore)
  9. License required - The license can be provided only through “Book 24/7”. Most of the federations have license requirements. If an organization has a “license required” ranking,           only the players who have such license can participate in the events. The players that don't have a license will be asked to pay when they select “join” on the event. (to know more - visit       this link)
  10. Accumulative - Selecting this feature entails that participated tournaments and gained rating      points never will expire (good setting if you plan to make a Tour of events and you don’t want        lose points after 12 months)

Image 1                                                                                                                   Image 2