4.8. Import Ranking


If you have recently started to use Rankedin and want to have a complete ranking made, you are probably wondering how to import the points from past events into your new ranking?

Unfortunately, we don't have this feature yet, but we have other solutions for you. 

This is what you can do:

NOTE: All players have to be registered in Rankedin. Fake players will not be included in the ranking.

  1. First you need to create a ranking (connected to club/organization). 

  2. Then you must create a tournament for the purpose of creating “Players Points” -  and connect it with your ranking. The tournament will not actually be played. 

  3. Then make as many classes as you need (Singles, Doubles, different age/ gender group etc.) and add two fake players/doubles in each class.

  4. Choose any draws for all classes and generate it. (need to be done for all classes)

  5. Start the tournament.

  6. Enter all results.  (need to be done for all matches)

  7. Generate the standings and finish the tournament.

  8. Enter all players in each class (If you need to do for doubles the players must be with no partner, this is Only for Doubles if singles then move to “h”)

  9. Edit Final standings by adding players and give them points. Click the “Edit standings” button.

  10. Then click the “Add Players”, 

  11. Search for a player, then select the player by clicking “Add” button. 

  12. Type in the players “ranking point”(1) and “save (2”). 



The players that you add, will be moved to the new ranking and you will get a complete ranking list.