4.11 Ranking age groups

Due to the needs of certain sports, we have created two types of age groups intended for juniors and are divided into two groups of sports. There is a difference in these two groups even for the age group calculation.

One group calculates the age group from the year of birth and the other from the day of birth.

  • The first group of sports (Padel, Tennis and Pickleball) calculated based only on the YEAR Of Birth and have even age groups for juniors. (Check the image 1 below)

Example: It’s the beginning of the year and you are 18 years old, but at the end of the year you will turn in 19. So, in this case, you will be in the U20 age group.

Image 1


  • The second group of sports (All other sports) calculated base only on DAY Of Birth and have odd age groups for juniors. (Check the Image 2 below)

    Example: You are 18 years old, the current date is the 26th of September and your birthday is on the 1st of December. Your age group is U19, but from 1st December your age group will be U21.
    Image 2