4.9. Approve/Reject Tournaments towards your Ranking

If someone will use your ranking, you will get a notification in the top bar of the website in the “Notifications”


The notification will show you how and which ranking they want to use.


If you have a ranking that needs permission, you can approve or reject the use of the ranking in Organization Manager. You must at the same time set the right Levels, if you will approve to use the ranking. 


First, click the “Profile menu”(1) button and select “Manage Organizations”(2).


You will be redirected to the  “Manage Organizations” page.

Select  “Organization Manager”(3)


At the  “Organization Manager” page, you will see all events that are using your ranking, you will find it below “Events”(4).

You need to select the ranking level for all classes. First, select the drop down for ranking level(5), select the right level and click on save(6). After selecting all levels, click Approve(7). 

If you don't want to approve, you will have to click on Remove(8).

Note: Tournament organizers won't be able to finish the tournament,  if the Levels are not selected. He will be able to run it without any problems.