5.6.1. Add existing players to the Club League


Open the club league admin panel and select step “3.Players”. Click the “Add Players” button.



From the pop-up, select “Search for Existing Players”



You are now redirected to the “Add Players” page. To search for existing players click “Search for real players”.



In the search bar, type in the name of the player you want to add or invite. Click the “Add/invite” button (1) and then click “Confirm” (2). If you select “Invite”, the player will receive an email and a notification with a link from the club league and the invited person can join the club league if he wants to. If you select “Add”, the player will be added to the club league. 

Players have an option in their “Account Settings” to forbid the feature “Allow to be added in events by the admin”. In this case, you as an admin, will only be able to invite the player. The “Add” button (3) will not be active for those players. You can add multiple players at the same time.