5. Club League

5.1 Introduction

Club league is a great way to increase the players activity within your community. It is a competitive pool format where players are promoted or demoted based on their win/loss ratio. Mostly they will play opponents of their rank. It is perfect for people that want to play more and want to meet different players. It is easy and fast to set up a time for their match by sending a message through Rankedin. Players are also adding the score by themselves after each match/game, so admins do not need ...

5.2. Create Club League

In the top bar of the website, click the “Create” button (1) and select “Club League” (2). Check image 1 below. Image 1 In the following pop-up (check Image 2 below), select Sport(3). Your default sport is selected. Your default sport is selected when creating your profile. You can change it in your Account settings. After selecting sport, click the “Create (4)” button. Image2 You will be redirected to Create Club League Form. In this page, you will need to enter the necessary informatio...

5.4 Website Link of your Club League

To share the Club League on social media, simply click the share button to post your event directly to Facebook, Twitter etc, or copy the link from the tournament page and post it wherever your players can see it and join. You can find the share button directly below the sponsor logos on your tournament page. The ranking is updated every Monday (decided period). To help people see the latest changes, we recommend you to share it on a regular basis. Spread the word about your Club League to attra...

5.5 Connect Club League with Rankin

In order to connect your club league with a ranking, you need to have a ranking already created. If you still haven’t created a ranking, please check this section: “Create Ranking (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/655945-42-Create-Rankinghttps://rankedin.ladesk.com/655945-42-Create-Ranking)” If you already have a ranking, all you need to do is go to the club league admin panel and add the ranking in the “1.Edit” step. You can check how to add a ranking to your club league here "B. Ranking (https://...

5. 6. Add Players to Club League

There are 2 ways of adding players to the Club League: - Admin can add real players manually (players can also join by themselves) - Admin can add Fake players There are 2 types of players, Real players (players that have an account in Rankedin) and Fake players (players without an account in Rankedin. Fake accounts have limited features. Check Image below

5.6.1. Add existing players to the Club League

Open the club league admin panel and select step “3.Players”. Click the “Add Players” button. From the pop-up, select “Search for Existing Players” You are now redirected to the “Add Players” page. To search for existing players click “Search for real players”. In the search bar, type in the name of the player you want to add or invite. Click the “Add/invite” button (1) and then click “Confirm” (2). If you select “Invite”, the player will receive an email and a notification with a l...

5.6.2. Add fake players in the Club league

Open the club league admin panel and select step “3.Players”. Click the “Add Players” button. From the pop-up, select “Create Fake Players” You are now redirected to the “Add Players” page. Follow the steps below to add a fake player: - Enter First and Last name (1) - Enter “Email” (2) (this is optional. If provided, the user will be notified by email and will be able to create a real account, which entails that after creating the account, the fake player will be “claimed” by t...

5.6.3. How to Join Club League

- Singles To find the club league you can search for it in the search bar by name, it can be found in the calendar page or you can access the league directly from a link that is shared with you. You only need to click the “Join” button and you will be signed up for the club league. By default, you will automatically also join for the next round. To change this you will need to go to your profile settings and change “Automatically join next Club League rounds” to “off”. You can manually selec...

5.7. Seed Players in Pools

If a ranking is connected to Club League, the players will be ordered in accordance with the ranking. Admins can manually seed the players. Admin can order the players in specific pools. To manually seed the players, add their seed number and click the update button at the bottom of the page.

5.8. Select Point Level if CL played towards Ranking

Ranking level settings can be found in the club league admin panel, at step “4.Close Sign In” Ranking levels are defining the amount of points assigned for each player's standing position. In order to be able to select levels for the classes, your club league should first be connected to a ranking. Check this section (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/862638-55-Connect-Club-League-with-Rankin). Ranking levels can be found in the ranking manager. You can create your own custom levels and later assi...

5.9. Start Club League Round

After players have joined and they are seeded in the correct pools, the admin needs to start the tournament. This needs to be done in order for the pools with matches to be visible on the club league page and for players to be able to see their matches on their profiles.To start the tournament, open the club league admin panel and select step “5.Start/Stop” First click “Preview Pools” (1) to double-check if the pools look ok, because after starting the club league the pools can’t be edited. If e...

5.10. Enter Result

Results for Club League can be entered by the players (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/939096-5101-How-players-can-enter-results-for-Club-League) or by the admin (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/118935-5102-How-admins-can-enter-results-for-the-matches). Players can enter results only for their own matches and admins can enter and adjust results for every match from the club league.

5.10.1. How players can enter results for Club League

Players see their matches on their profiles. The players can agree on the playing date with their opponents by clicking the “Set Date” button (1) and propose a playing date for the match. The opponent will receive the playing date proposal and can edit it or confirm it. After playing the match, one of the players should enter the result by clicking the “Enter Result(2)” button for the match. The opponent needs to confirm the result. Unconfirmed matches and dates can be confirmed by the Club Leag...

5.10.2. How admins can enter results for the matches

Club League admins can enter results for each match in the club league. In the Club League page, select the “Pools” (1) section and click the “3 dots” button (2) for the match you need to enter the result. From the “3 dots” submenu, select the “Enter Result” button (3) and in the following pop-up, simply enter the result of the match.

5.11. Finish Round and Creating Next round

Finishing the club league round can be done by the admin only. Club league can be finished even if not all results are entered. Players who have not played matches will receive lower points because of the rules for calculating points. To finish the round, open the club league admin panel and select “5. Start/Stop” step. From this page, you have more options. “Finish Round” (1) will finish the actual round. “Finish round and Create new Round” (2) will finish the actual round and simultaneously cr...

5.12.How to add/remove players after starting the club league

Adimin is able to add and remove players from the pools even when the Club League has started. To add or remove players from pools, open the club league admin panel and select step “3.Players”. To add, click “Add Player” (1) at the pool you want to add a player and from the pop-up you can search for the player. Players that are already in another pool can not be added, they need to be deleted first and then added in the other pool. To delete a player, simply click the “Delete”(2) button for the ...

5.13. Real-time scoring from mobile

Matches from the club league can be refereed by using scoreboard like mobile and Ipad. For each refereed match Rankedin provides real time updated scores (Live score) that can be shown on any online smart device. To see the Live Score, go to the club league page and open the “Pools”(1) section, click the “3 dots”(2) button for the preferred match and select “Scoreboard”(3).

5.13.1. How can an admin referee Club League matches?

Admins can referee any match from the club league. To referee a match from a club league, open the referee panel by clicking the “E-Referee” button in the top bar. In the referee panel, select “Cub League”(1), choose the right club league event(2) and click “Referee Match”(3) to the match you want to referee. You can also search by players name to find the right match.

5.13.2. How can players referee their Club League matches?

In the players’ profile, in the list of their matches, there is a referee code for every match. This code is visible only for the players. Copy that code and from the top bar open the “E-Referee” panel. In the referee panel, select “Code” (1),paste the code (2) and click “Go”. Check how to use referee (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/286420-3-Real-time-scoring-from-mobile---E-Referee)

5.14. Scoreboard

Club League organizers can set up live updating scoreboards for the matches from the Club League, shown on a Smart TV, Tablets, or other smart devices. While matches are being refereed from a mobile device, the match results are updating in real time in the scoreboards shown on the screen. To see how to set up and use the scoreboards, check this section (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/276930-9-Scoreboards-).

5.15. Live video with scores - by SportCam

Matches can be streamed live, where the score is shown in real time, included in the video. Check how to set up a live video for your matches. Link to section SportCam (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/008274-8-Live-video-with-scores---by-SportCam)

5.16 Embed it on your Website

Open your Club League page in Rankedin and check in the "Info" section on the right side, you will see the “share” symbol for the functionality and the next steps to get a great new page with your club league on your website, with the colors of your organization. This will increase visitors to your website who will be interested to check the latest developments and active players will show it to friends. The new visitors will be easily be able to find more information about your organization’s a...