5.8. Select Point Level if CL played towards Ranking

Ranking level settings can be found in the club league admin panel, at step “4.Close Sign In”

Ranking levels are defining the amount of points assigned for each player's standing position.

In order to be able to select levels for the classes, your club league should first be connected to a ranking. Check this section

Ranking levels can be found in the ranking manager. You can create your own custom levels and later assign those levels to the classes. Check this section.

If you are the owner of the ranking you will be able to select these levels in “4.Close sign in”. Otherwise, the ranking owner will need to do it.


To select a level for a class, click the “Level” button (1). Select a ranking level from the dropdown list (2). By default, there is only 1 level for “CL”.  If a new Ranking level is created in the ranking it will appear in this list.