2.10. Close sign in

To access this page, go to the tournament admin panel and select step 5. "Close Signing in”.

To close the sign in for an entire tournament, simply click the “Close sign in” bar (1) and confirm the pop-up. To close sign in for a specific class, simply click the button (2) next to the desired class.

If you close the sign in for a tournament, players will no longer be able to join it. If you close sign in for a specific class, players from that specific class will not be able to join the tournament. The “Join” button on the tournament page will not be visible anymore. After closing the sign in, the admin still has the option to add new players - it can be done from step 4. "Players”, by clicking the button “Add Players”. The admin also has the possibility to open the sign in again in order for players to join by themselves, however, in this case the draws need to be regenerated for new players to be added to the draw.