2.14. Seeding

To access this page, go to the tournament admin panel and select step “4.Players”.

If a ranking is connected to the tournament, players are ordered automatically by their ranking points, from highest to lowest. 

By selecting seeding, the players will be seeded according to their ranking points. When generating the draws, players will be seeded and added to the correct positions in the draw.

You can also seed players manually by typing their seeding (1, 2, etc)  in the field next to their names. Afterwards, click “save”. 



You can also use the predefined “seeding templates (3)”. In the example above, a “50% seeded” template is used. In the image  below you can see how the players are positioned in the elimination draw according to their seeding.



In the next example below, you can see how the seeding affects the Round Robin (groups) draw. Seeding 1 and 2 are in different groups, as well as 3 and 4. Players seeded with 5 / 6 are applying for the lottery.