8.8. Video Manager

Video manager is the place where you can control your streaming and the videos of your event. The “Video Manager” is located in the “Tournament /Clube League / Team League Page” in the ”Admin navigation” section on the left side of the website. You can open by clicking on the “Video Manager” (Check the image 4 below). 


Image 4


Once opened it will redirect you to the Video Manager page. Here you can restrict and control the streaming for your event.


Streaming Restrictions:

  1. Open - This means everyone is allowed to stream, they simply need to find your event in SportCam.

  2. Limited - This feature allows you to give permission for streaming. First, the SportCam will force you to ask for “Request access (6)”, and the event admin can accept or reject (7) it in the video manager. (Check the images 5 and 6 below)


    Image 5

    Image 6

  4. Blocked - This means that you will not be able to stream for this event. In this case, you can not choose the platform of streaming in the SportCam App. (Check the image 7 below)


 Image 7



In “Video Manager” you can also “Stop and Remove (8)” the stream/video

(Check the image 8 below)


Image 8