8. Live video with scores - by SportCam

8.1. Introduction

Make a live stream with a professional scoreboard on it with the RankedIn Live Video tools. Create a live video with just a few clicks and stream directly to your Facebook page, group or profile, or YouTube channel. The live video will drastically help you to promote your organization and events. All you need is a mobile phone and internet connection so you can launch the SportCam App. The videos will be available for the players even after the game. To update the score and find out how points u...

8.2. Set it up - requirements

Sport Cam is available for Android and iOS devices and is free of charge. Before broadcasting the video please check your network speed. The SportCam app recommends a minimum of 4Mbps upload for each stream. The general performance of your mobile phone can affect the quality of the video stream generated by the SportCam app. Mid-level and High-Level devices are recommended for use. Install SportCam app on the mobile device which will be used for streaming: - Android - Requires system ve...

8.3. Events type supported

- Tournament (Singles, Doubles, Teams) - Team League (Singles, Doubles) - Club League (Singles)

8.4. Sports type supported

- Squash - Badminton - Table Tennis - Tennis - Padel - Racquetball - SoccerSquash - Paleta Fronton - TeqBall - Crossminton - Pickleball - Roundnet

8.5. Stream Match

SportCam has two ways of broadcasting; "Matches" and "Courts," and it's up to you to select which you prefer to use. By broadcasting via "Matches" you can choose the specific match you would like to stream regardless of which court the match is played on. After the match is finished, you have to start a new stream for the next match. Unlike "Matches", using "Courts" offers you the possibility to stream all matches scheduled on a particular court - you can check it here (link). - After y...

8.6. Stream Court

Court View streaming will allow you to create one broadcast in which the scoreboard automatically switches to the next match planned for the given court. By using “Courts” it will automatically switch to the next match as well as showing the names and score point for point and game for each match. When matches are finished, it will show information about the next match. Using “Courts” in a tournament is very easy for the organizer, since you can simply start a stream in the beginning of the to...

8.7. Where to find my Video

The streaming video can be found in the “Tournament /Clube League / Team League Page” in the ”Video” section (Check the image 1 below) Image 1 When the stream is ongoing the “Video indicator” (1) appears under the event name. By clicking on "Video" (2) you will find all the videos that are streaming or were streamed for that particular event. (Check the image 2 below). (Check the image 2 below) Image 2 When the stream is stopped and there is no streami...

8.8. Video Manager

Video manager is the place where you can control your streaming and the videos of your event. The “Video Manager” is located in the “Tournament /Clube League / Team League Page” in the ”Admin navigation” section on the left side of the website. You can open by clicking on the “Video Manager” (Check the image 4 below). Image 4 Once opened it will redirect you to the Video Manager page. Here you can restrict and control the streaming for your event. Streaming Restrictions: - Open - Th...

8.9. Facebook - Privacy settings:

When streaming on Facebook Live for the first time, the privacy settings for your video must be set. You can choose: "Public", "Friends" or "Only Me". You cannot make these changes changes to Facebook privacy settings in the SportCam APP, you can only do it from your Facebook account through a Web Browser or the Facebook APP. If you don’t know how to change Facebook live privacy settings, here is a video with instructions on how to do it.

8.10. YouTube - activate Live Streaming at your Channel settings

In order to broadcast on YouTube, you have to activate Live Streaming on your YouTube Channel. This could take a few minutes, but bear in mind that YouTube needs 24 hours to authorize your live stream activation. How to enable live streaming on your YouTube account? Click here (https://rankedin.com/content/shownews/rankedin-video-how-to-activate-live-in-youtube) for step by a step video tutorial on how to do it.

8.11 Facebook - stream to Groups, the APP must be added to the Group

To be able to use the SportCam app to stream to Facebook GROUPS, the SPORTCAM app must be added in the group settings by the group administrator. Here are the instructions on how to do it: https://www.facebook.com/help/261149227954100