8.6. Stream Court

Court View streaming will allow you to create one broadcast in which the scoreboard automatically switches to the next match planned for the given court. By using “Courts” it will automatically switch to the next match as well as showing the names and score point for point and game for each match. When matches are finished, it will show information about the next match. 

Using “Courts” in a tournament is very easy for the organizer, since you can simply start a stream in the beginning of the tournament day and it will automatically set up for the next matches and do the job for you. 


Note: To use this feature you must schedule your matches so that the system knows the matches order for the given court. (available for Tournaments only, not at Club League or Team League).

You can check how to schedule matches in your Tournament here - “ 2.17. Schedule and Time settings”

  • After you find your event, the app will automatically bring you to the "Matches" section. Select the "Courts" section and choose the court you want to stream. The next step is to choose the platform you want to stream on (Facebook or Youtube).