6.13. Real-time scoring from mobile - E-Referee

Matches from the team league can be refereed by players with their mobile phones.  For each refereed match Rankedin provides real-time updating (Live score) that can be shown on any online smart devices, PC, tablet, or TV as a scoreboard. When the match is ended, the result will be registered in the system. 

  • How players or admin of TL can referee the match

 All players who participate in Team League can referee the matches for all divisions, the event admin can referee too. (Exception: Added admin (for the event) and Team admins are not able to referee.)

How to access Referee panel: open the referee panel by clicking the “E-Referee” button in the top bar.

 Note: Only the matches that are lined up (with players not pending)  will be visible on the list to be refereed and available at the SportCam app to make a live video. (https://sportcam.app/)



In the referee panel, select “Team League”(1), select your team league(2) and divisions, next find the right match on the list and click “Referee Match”(3). 


  • How can somebody out of Team League referee the matches


In the player's profile, in the list of their matches, we provide referee code under every match.  This code is visible only for the players.



Copy that code and from the top bar open “E-Referee” panel



In the referee panel, select “Code”(1),paste the code(2) and click “Go”.