6.3.7. Draws

To access the draws step, open the team league admin panel and select “7.Draws”. From this page, the admin can generate draws for the teams. Draws can be deleted and regenerated before the event is started.


Admin can change the playing dates for each round or for any team match. For each round, click the “3 dots” button next to the date(1) and select “Change date”. For each match click the “3 dots” button next to the time and location(2) and select “Change date”.


You can add/edit the time and location “3 dots” button and select “Add/edit time & location”

and in the popup, you can enter the location and time.

Also if you need to swap the teams for playing home and away you can do it in the “3 dots” button and select “Swap Home and Away”


By clicking the blue “Joystick” button, the admin can access the line up page for team matches, select the players for the individual matches and enter results for those matches.