2.17.5. Substituting Player from the draw with New player

If you need to change a player from your existing draw, you can use the substitute option. To use the substitute option, open the tournament admin panel, and select step “6.Draws”. Select the “Class” (1) and click “Preview draw” (2). In case the “Preview draw”(2) button is not clickable, it means the draw for the selected class is not generated.



In our example, player “Dave Kok” needs to be substituted with a player that is not in the existing draw,  “Michael James”



Click the “3 dots button” (1) for the match where “Dave Kok” participates and select “Substitute Dave Kok”.



In the substitute page, in the “Search for players” bar, type the name of the new player, in this case,  “Michael James”(1) and click “Substitute”(2). Click “Back”(3) to go back to the draw.



“Michael James” is now added to the draw in the position where “Dave Kok” previously was.