2.15.6. Elimination with a Playoff

Adding a playoff in the Elimination draw provides additional matches for the top positions. In the example below, “Top 4” playoff is selected, which add matches for positions 3-4 in the draw.




How to add Elimination with a Playoff draw?

  1. In step “6.Draws”, open the draw creator



 2.  In the draw creator, click “Add Draw”. 



3. In the pop-up, add “Draw Name” (1) and select the following: “Elimination Draw” (2) “draw size” (3), “playoff” (4), “select players” (5) to be added in the draw, and click “Add Draw” button (6).



4. Select “Save” (1), to save the draw in draw creator and click “Back” (2) to return to the previous screen in step “6.Draws”.



5. Click the “Generate Draws (1)” button. You can preview the generated draws by clicking the “Preview Draws (2)” button.