7.4. Organization Manager

In the top bar of the website, click the “Profile menu”(1) button and select “Manage Organizations” (2). 


You will be redirected to the  “Manage Organizations” page and from there you can see all the organizations that you have created. 

Select  “Organization Manager” (3). 


On the left side top of the page, you can add a logo for your Organization (4). From the right, you will see the “Cogwheel menu(5)”, open it and you will see:

  1.  Book247 integration - You can integrate your organization with “Book247” to manage Membership/Licenses. For more info, please check here.   

  2.  Ranking - Here you can see all your created rankings. 

  3.  Organization admins - Add more admins for your organization

  4. Delete organization - here you can delete your organization
  5. Events - Here you can see all your events. From here you can approve or reject the events that are using your ranking and also you can select the ranking levels for the events. if you need to approve “Ranking with permission”, please visit the “Ranking” section “Approve/Reject Tournaments towards your Ranking” in this manual


In the Organization Manager, more precisely in the "Organization Details" you can put in information, such as website page, email, phone number, etc. (6).

Under "Organization Details", you can also add four logos from your sponsors/partners (7). After you have added those logos, they will appear on the Organization page.