7.2. Create Your Organization Page

In the top bar of the website, click the “Create (1)” button and select Club/Organisation (2). Check image 1 below.


Image 1


In the following pop-up (check Image 2 below), click the “Create (3)” button.


Image 2



You will be redirected to the “Create Organization Form” (Check the image 3 below). On this page you will need to enter the necessary info ( a, b, c, d, e, f, g )  for the organization and click the “Create” button (5):

  1. Name - Set the name of your organization.

  2. First ranking name - Set the name for the first ranking (Please visit the “Ranking” section in this manual to learn how to manage the ranking).

  3. First ranking sport - Select the wanted sport type

  4. Type - Set the organization type (Club, Association, Federation, FrendGroup, Companies).

  5. Country - Set the country for your organization.

  6. City - Set the city for your organization.

  7. Address - Set the organization address.


After creating your Organisation you can edit the existing info, add sponsors logo and add other users as admins for the same organization.

The Organisation can have more than one admin. Please visit the “Organisation Manager” for more info.