2.17.4. Reorder Qualifier Links in 2nd stage draws

If the order of the Qualifier Links in your draw does not meet your requirements, you can use the “Substitute” option to reorder the Qualifier Links for your 2nd stage. To use the substitute option, open the tournament admin panel, and select step “6.Draws”. Select the “Class”(1) and click “Preview draw” (2). In case the “Preview draw” (2) button is not clickable, it means the draw for the selected class is not yet generated.



In this example, “Qualifier 3 (Q3)” and “Qualifier 4 (Q4)” need to change their positions in the draw.


Click the “3 dots button”(1) for the match where “Q4” participates and select “Substitute Q4”(2). 



In the substitute page, select the “Links”(1) section. This section shows links to all qualifiers from the 1st stage (the qualification draw). Select “Q3” (2) and go “Back” (3) to the draw.

The same procedure needs to be applied for the “Qualifier 3 (Q3)”. By this procedure you can organize all qualifier links in the draw.