2.29. Collecting Payments

Admin can connect a paypal business account to the tournament and set payment fee for joining the tournament. In this case, players will have to pay upfront for joining the tournament. You will need to set up a Paypal business account and the funds will be transferred directly to your account.  Payment settings in RankedIn can be found in the tournament admin panel, in the “1.Edit” step. In the bottom of the page, below the court settings,  click the “Advanced'' (1) button. Mark the “Payment” (2) checkbox and select “Paypal” (3) and the currency. In the “Paypal Account” (4) section, add your Paypal email.



To set up PayPal, you will need to use a PayPal business account. Open your Paypal business account, go to “Business Acc” from the top bar and select  “Account Settings”.



On the next page select “Website payments” (1) and choose “Update” (2) for “API access”.



In this page click “Grant API permission”



Add “paypal_api1.rankedin.com” as Third Party Permission Username and click “Lookup”. 



From the permissions, mark “Create and manage PayPal payment buttons on your website” and Click Add at the bottom. 



Your Paypal account is now connected with Rankedin. You can set up payment through Paypal. 


Supported currencies for PayPal transactions are: 

  • Euro 
  • US Dollar
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Polish zloty
  • Российский рубль
  • Swedish Krona