2.16.2. Round robin(Groups) as qualification with elimination as main draw

In step 6.Draws, in the Draw Wizard section, select “Round robin qualification with elimination main draw”. A pop-up will appear with settings for the Qualification stage draw.



Add “name” (1) for the Qualification draw, add “number of groups” (2), add “size” (3) for the groups. “Letters” (4) will be automatically added for the Group names, but you can change this if you want.  In our example, qualification draw with 4 groups X 3 players = 12 size draw will be added as Qualification. Click “Next” (5) to continue the setup for the 2nd stage.



Next, you select players for the created qualification draw. Since the qualification draw is 4 Groups X 3 Players = 12size (as set in the 1st step of the wizard), maximum 12 players can be selected for the draw.  If less than 12 players are selected, “Bye” will be added to fill the empty positions. Click “Next” to continue the set up.



In this step, you can determine the movement of the players into the 2nd stage. “Pool Winners” or “Numbers 1 and 2” can be selected. 

  • If “Pool Winners” is selected, the winner from each of the four groups will be moved to the 2nd stage draw. Four players in total will continue to the 2nd stage Elimination (Knockout). 


  • If “Numbers 1 and 2” is selected, Position 1 and 2 from each pool will continue, making it 4 Groups X 2 Players = 8 size Elimination (Knockout). Click “Next” to add the 2nd stage draw. 



Add “Name” (1) or the 2nd stage draw and click “Next” (2). 



Before creating the draw, you can see the summary of the previous set up. If everything looks ok, click “Create Draws”.



You will be redirected to the “Draw creator”.  Click “back” if you need to go to step “6.Draws”.



 Click the “Generate Draws” (1) button. You can preview the generated draws by clicking “Preview Draws” (2).