Accept Online Payment - Team League Fee

Anyone, whether a private person, company or club, can use this function. Payments are handled through our partner Stripe.

Check here if Stripe works in your country and currency. 

Summary of the steps involved:

  1. Establish that you are an owner or admin of an organization in Rankedin

  2. Open organization manager

  3. Setup stripe

  4. Verify email and check stripe dashboard

  5. Check that Stripe is active with your organization

  6. Create a tournament and link it to your club with active stripe

  7. A look at how a player joins a tournament 

  8. How it looks from the admin’s perspective

  9. Overview of stripe dashboard (payments, refunds etc..)

1. Establish that you are an owner or admin of an organization in Rankedin

In order to receive online payments via Stripe you must be an owner or an admin of an organization. If you have not yet created an organization you can follow the steps in this link to do so, User Manual: Create Your Organization 


2. Open organization manager

Once you have established that you are an admin or owner of an organization, navigate to the organization manager by clicking on the silhouette in the top right hand corner of the screen and then select manage organizations from the drop down menu.


A page will open which will display all of the organizations that you are an admin or have previously created. Click on the organization manager tab next to the organization that you wish to link with Stripe.

Next, select Stripe online payments and later click on Setup Stripe, you will then be brought to the stripe platform for registration

Step 3: Setup stripe

This process may vary depending on the country and the type of account you have chosen.

An example of the steps for Country Norway, account type: Private Person is shown in the User Manual: Stripe Setup - steps


Step 4: Verify email and check stripe dashboard


This article provides information on how to check Stripe account status: User Manual - Verify Stripe dashboard and Confirm email address


Step 5: Check that Stripe is active with your organization


From here navigate back to the organization manager, click on stripe online payments and later on check, the status should be set to active, if not please refresh and click on check a second time, if the status is still set to inactive please navigate back to Stripe to check for any alerts that may be associated with the account. 



Step 6: Create a tournament and link it to your club with active stripe


Create a tournament and link it to your club with active Stripe. 

First click on create and then on tournament.

From here enter the tournament name, select the ranking, sign in, start and end dates.


Next, add the regulations that will apply to the tournament and also click on the organization linked with the active stripe.


To select Stripe as a method of payment: 

  1. Click on Advanced, 

  2. Check the payment box

  3. Select Stripe as the payment type and choose the corresponding currency associated with your Stripe account. WARNING: Once the first player has signed up and paid with Stripe, it will no longer be possible to switch to another currency. Choose it CORRECTLY from the beginning!

  4. Click on check to make sure that it is linked properly.


If everything is in order a pop up box will appear, click close and later on create.



Set participant fee for each class in step 3. Classes

  1. Give a name to the class

  2. Select type i.e Mens/Womens Singles/Doubles

  3. Select age group

  4. Select playing dates

  5. Add class



A pop up will appear in which you can introduce the correct fee for the class and click on save. 

Note: The fee is per player


Step 7: A look at how a player joins a tournament 


For players to join your tournament it couldn't be easier, they simply click on the join button on the tournament page.

Note: We are using a doubles class in this example.



A pop up will appear asking the player if they have a partner or not. If the player does not yet have a partner but wishes to join, the player will only pay the fee for one player.



If the player has got a partner and selects as such they will then be asked to search for their partner on the system and also will pay the fee for both players.



Once the correct partner has been found the player can select join.

Once the player is happy with the fee they then click proceed to the checkout where they will add their card details to finish the payment process.





Step 8: How it looks from the admin’s perspective

Players that have joined a class and paid can be viewed on the tournament admin panel under the 4.Players tab.

Admin has the following options:
- go to the "" page with a list of all players and their payments who were or are in the tournament (even those players who resigned)
- go to the "Player Financial Summary" page which allows you to edit the player's finances (return, add payment manually, add a product, etc.).


Player Financial Summary Page: 




Step 9: Overview of stripe dashboard (payments, refunds etc..)


On your Stripe dashboard under the payments tab you can get a full overview of all payments and payouts. 


You can easily make a refund when the need arises and at no extra cost. Simply click on the payment in question from the list of payments and later select refund. It usually takes between 5 and 10 days for the refund to appear on the customer’s statement.