15.41 Fast User Guide - Organize a Tournament

The easiest way to create a tournament is here. We have split the process in a few different steps for easier management.


When creating the tournament the admin is adding the basic tournament details such as name, date, playing time, number of courts and ranking, adding the sponsor logos and creating the classes with the playing time per each class. After this the tournament is already created the players can start joining the classes. At this stage the tournament page and all links are available for advertising. Once the player has joined, the admin will be able to manually close the sign in process and create the draws (it’s fully automatic but the admin has the option to manually adjust anything he wants) and the playing times of all games will be created. The next step would be to publish the draws which means that every player’s games will appear in their profile. Players will know exactly at what time and which court they need to be for their game.