15. FAQ

15.1 How to create an account in Rankedin?

Everybody has unlimited access to Rankedin. So just create your free account and you are ready to go. Here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/130266-11-Your-Free-Account))

15.2 How to create an Organization?

It's really easy to create the "Organisation". All you need is to fill the form with the necessary info. You can find more information about how to do it on the following (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/372960-72-Create-Your-Organization-Page))

15.3 How to create a Ranking?

Creating a ranking is located in the “Create” section in the top bar on this website. You can find more information about how to do it on the following (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/655945-42-Create-Ranking))

15.4 How to create a Tournament?

The Tournament is the most used feature and it is unlimited - anybody can do it at any moment. If you need to set up your tournament you can check how to do it here (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/018346-221-CreateEdit-Step))

15.5 How to create a Club League?

Club league is a competitive feature who is helping the clubs or groups of friends to keep the form of their own players. You can find out how to create it here (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/593413-52-Create-Club-League))

15.6. How to find an event (Tournament, Club League, Team League)?

Players can find the event in Rankedin in different ways: - Search the event by its name in the main search bar in the top. - In the calendar(1) page by using the filters(2) - If the tournament is connected to an organization, it can be found in the organization page. Organization page can be found by searching it in the main search bar.

15.7. Is Rankedin free?

RankedIn is free for players and event organizers. There is no fee for using the basic features of the software and organizing a great tournament. The “Special Features” are also free of charge but starting from 2021 there will be a small fee to use them. You can find the exact details & the RankedIn price list on www.rankedin.com/pricing (http://www.rankedin.com/pricing).

15.8 How to delete an organization page?

To delete the organization, go to organization manager and click the “Cogwheel” button in the right upper corner and select “Delete organization”. NOTE: There is no undo for this action.

15.9 I didn’t receive your confirmation email.

There can be two reasons why you didn’t receive your confirmation email. - Confirmation emails may end up in your spam (junk, trash) email folder. Please check if you can find it there. - Please try to register an account with the same email in case you misspelled a letter. If you still can’t find your confirmation email in your inbox after checking the above suggestions, please contact suppport@rankedin.com (mailto:suppport@rankedin.com)

15.10 How to add/remove admins from my organization?

To add and remove admins for an organization, go to organization manager and click the “Cogwheel” button in the right upper corner and select “Organization Admins”. In this page you can add or remove admins for your organization.

15.11 How to join an event (Tournament, Club League, Team League)?

You can join yourself in the event in a few steps. Check below how to join in your desired event.. Tournament: - Join Singles Class (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/580935-241-Join-Singles-Class) - Join Doubles Class (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/286686-242-Join-Doubles-Class) - Join Teams class (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/350523-243-Join-Teams-class) Clube League: - How to Join Club League (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/672363-563-How-to-Join-Club-League) Team Lea...

15.12. How to open the admin panel for an event?(Tournament, Club League, Team League)?

From the event homepage in the “Admin” navigation, click the yellow button “Admin Panel” on the left side of the website. This is only visible for the event admins.

15.13 How to Add Players in event?

Adding players is one of the important things to do in your event. If you need assistance, please select one of the event types below and it will redirect to the "Add player" in this manual. Tournament: - Search and Add existing players (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/109965-25-Search-and-Add-existing-players) - Create a Fake Player (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/537232-26-Create-a-Fake-Player) Clube League: - Add existing players to the Club League (https://rankedin.ladesk.c...

15.14 How to generate draws?

Generating draws can be done in two ways. Generate “Single class” and “All classes” - Single class - In “Admin panel” step “6.Draws” after selectin a draw type you can generate the draw by clicking the button “Generate matches for(Class name) [1]” - All classes - In “Admin panel” step “6.Draws” on the top right side you will see “cogwhee l[2]” menu. Clicked and you will see “Regenerate matches for all classes [3]”

15.15. Why are draws and matches not visible in the event page?

After generating the draws admin should publish draws so the matches and draws are visible for all users. To publish the draws, open the tournament admin panel and select the “6.Draws” step. Click the “Draws Published/ Not published” switch button. Admin can change this option at any moment. NOTE: The draws are published automatically when starting the tournament.

15.16 How to Schedule matches?

In the “Admin panel” step “8.Matches & Videos” on the left side in blue rectangle you will see “Schedule matches”

15.17. Why are the match times not shown in the event page?

After scheduling the matches, admin need to publish the schedule, so the match times are visible in the event page for all users. To publish the schedule, go in the tournament admin panel and select 8.Matches step. Click the “Schedule Published/ Not published” switch button. Admin can publish/unpublish the times for the matches at any moment.

15.18 How to substitute players in tournament draws?

Substitute is the most helpful tool for the organizer, if you need to do a substitute and you don't know how, here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/118893-217-Substitute-Players))

15.19 How to reorder players in tournament draws?

Reordering the players in the draws can be done only with “Substitute”. If you don’t know how here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/400915-2173-Reorder-players-in-draw))

15.20. What is the difference between Ranking and Organization?

Organization in Rankedin represents the official page for your Club/Federation/Group of Friends. This page contains information about the events(past, actual and upcoming) and includes a list of all matches played for this organization. In the organization page, admin creates one or more rankings, depending on the needs. By default when a user creates organization, the first ranking is created. Admins should create more rankings for the following cases: - In case the Club/Organization is fo...

15.21 How to add ranking for an event?

You can add a ranking in the “Admin panel” step “1.Edit”. Here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/658340-46-Connect-Event-with-Ranking))

15.22. What is Ranking with permission?

Rankings with permission need to be approved for connecting to an event by the ranking admin. When a user adds ranking with permission to the event, the ranking owner gets email and notification that ranking is added to an event and needs to approve it. If ranking is not confirmed, the tournament admin will not be able to finish the event. These rankings are protected, they require approval and usually are used by the federations.

15.23. How ranking owner can approve Ranking with permission

Ranking owner should go to the ranking manager and approve the event. To go to the ranking manager, open the ranking page and click the yellow “Cogwheel” button(this button is only visible for the ranking admin) next to the ranking name. In the ranking manager, select levels(1) for the event and click “Save(2)” for all classes and click “Approve(3)”

15.24 How to select levels for ranking?

You can select the levels in step “4.Close sign in”. Here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/658340-46-Connect-Event-with-Ranking))

15.25 How to add/edit levels for ranking?

Edit or add ranking levels can be done in the ranking manager. here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/637081-45-Ranking-Point-Levels))

15.26. Can a tournament count towards several rankings at the same time?

Yes, admin can add more rankings in the tournament. Points will be forwarded toward rankings after finishing the tournament.

15.27 How to add admins for an event?

You can add admin in the “Admin panel” on the upper right corner. Click the cogwheel and click on “Add admins”

15.28 How to add admins for an organization?

You can add admins in the Organization manager. When you open the page on the right upper side there is a cogwheel manu. In this manu you will find “Organization admins”

15.30. Who can referee a match?

Tournament admins and every tournament participant can see the matches in the referee panel. However, admin can share the referee code to any Rankedin user, and using that code, the match can be refereed. Referee codes for all matches from the tournament can be found in the tournament admin panel in step “8.Matches” by clicking “Referee codes(1)” button. Admin can share these “Codes(2)” with any Rankedin user. When you have the referee code, just open the referee panel by clicking “E-Refere...

15.31 How to live stream matches?

You can make a live stream with the SportCam app.Here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/008274-8-Live-video-with-scores---by-SportCam))

15.32 How to enter/edit/reset result?

Enter/edit/reset results can be done in several ways. Here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/164954-220-Enter-Results--Reset-Results))

15.33 How can users change their personal data?

The players can change the personal data in the Players settings. Here you can check how to do it (User Manual: link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/397312-103-Player-Settings))

15.34 Personal Data protection

Everything concerning the data storage of RankedIn, access to personal data and data protection is in line with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are using the best recommendation for data security in the industry and we tend to follow the advice given by professionals. We also tend to always update and adjust as advised by major companies, organizations and professionals. We’re using the latest technology of Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage which provides an additional p...

15.37 Why events are not visible in the organization page calendar

In order to see the events in the organization page, the events need to be connected with organization ranking. Check how to connect ranking with events. Link (https://rankedin.ladesk.com/658340-46-Connect-Event-with-Ranking) to section

15.38 Is it possible for Admin for Club League to set schedule for players

Only players are able to set schedules for their matches in the Club League. Club League admin is not able to schedule matches in Club League.

15.39 Who and when can create a Tournament

Anyone can create a tournament in RankedIn at any moment. Hosting a tournament in RankedIn is free and easy. Everyone can have an organization page, ranking for their tournaments and use RankedIn for all their activities and get the benefit of it.

15.40 When and how players will be added to the Ranking

Players will get to the ranking automatically once they play a tournament that is assigned to ranking. The rankings are updated every Monday.

15.41 Fast User Guide - Organize a Tournament

The easiest way to create a tournament is here. We have split the process in a few different steps for easier management. When creating the tournament the admin is adding the basic tournament details such as name, date, playing time, number of courts and ranking, adding the sponsor logos and creating the classes with the playing time per each class. After this the tournament is already created the players can start joining the classes. At this stage the tournament page and all links are availab...

15.42. Can I change draws if tournament has started/matches are played

Yes, draws can be changed, but all results for that class will be lost. Admin can select another draw type for the class and regenerate. If the admin needs to change players in the draw or change the order of players in the draw, admin should use the substitute players option. In this case the results are not lost.

15.43. Can I add more players to Club League Pools - extend the pools

Yes, players can be added in the pools even if the Club League is started. Just open the league admin panel and go to step “3.Players”. Next to each pool there is an “Add Players” button.

15.45. After substitute BYE with players - how to add this match to Scheduled Grid

After substituting bye with a player, back in the draw click the “3 dots” button for the new match and select “Schedule”.

15.46. Can I Edit Results of matches if the Tournament is Finished

Results can be edited by the tournament admin after finishing the tournament, but the edited result will not affect the final standings. Final standings should be edited manually.

15.47. On what type of Events I can use Fake Players (no need for players to Register)

Fake players can only be used for Tournaments and Club Leagues.

15.48 Who can add players to Team League? Can players join by themselves?

The event admin and team admin can create a team and add players to that team. But there is a possibility only the Creator of the Team League to add teams.

15.49 Can players that have already joined a team add plyers to their own team or only the admin can do that?

Only the admin of the Team League or the Team Admin can add players to the team.

15.50 Is it possible to change the lineup of a team after both teams are lined up?

Yes, it possible to change the lineup.

15.51 Is it possible to add/replace players after a Team League has started?

Yes, it is possible to add/replace players once the team league is ongoing.

15.52 How to check membership status

The membership status can be checked at the player profile. Click on the “Membership” tab and you will see all info about your license. - Federation - In this column you can see under what organization is your license. - Status - Here can chack the status of the license. The license will be “Inactive” if the license is expired or canceled. - Expiration date - The expiration date of your license The membership status and the expiration date are private info, and the u...