6.6. Who can control what - admins, players, captains

  • Team Player: Create and Edit Line Up, Enter/Edit/Reset match Result.

  • Team Captain: Same as Team Player, the only difference is that captains have "Capt." badge next to their name. 

  • Team Admin: Same as Team Player + Edit Team: Logo / Name / Description / Home Club, Add/Remove Team Players

  • Event Admins: Manage the whole event, have the same rights as Team Admin + Remove teams. When results are entered by Event Admin, they don't require to be confirmed. He can undo-start if no result is entered yet. 

    NOTE: If the team league is connected with a ranking. After the ranking calculation, the results can not be edited/reset by the players. In order to edit the result, the players need to contact the event admin to reset the result and after the players can enter the correct result. The new result will take effect in the ranking on the following Monday.