15.20. What is the difference between Ranking and Organization?

Organization in Rankedin represents the official page for your Club/Federation/Group of Friends. This page contains information about the events(past, actual and upcoming) and includes a list of all matches played for this organization. In the organization page, admin creates one or more rankings, depending on the needs. By default when a user creates organization, the first ranking is created. Admins should create more rankings for the following cases:

  • In case the Club/Organization is for more sports. Different rankings should be created for any sport
  • In case a federation needs to have official(only for the official events) and unofficial ranking
  • Others, when you need to have more then one Ranking


Organization admins should not create ranking for different age groups or for different genders. Players in the ranking are filtered by age and gender depending on the event types they participate in.

Created rankings can be connected to the events(tournament, club league..). In this way, the event will be shown in the organization page, players will get points, and their matches will be shown in the organization. Check how to connect ranking to an event. Link to section