10.3. Player Settings

In the top bar on the website click on the "Hamburger Menu (1)" and then "Settings (2)" (Check the Image 1 below). 


Image 1


You will be redirected to the player setting page. On this page, you can edit the info and settings for your profile. First, you need to click the “Edit” (3) button then make a change:

(Check the image 2 below )


Image 2


  1. Name - Here you can edit your full name, all you need to do is to click on the “Edit” button.
    After clicking on the Edit button, you will see a popup with the existing info for your name. You can change it and save it. 


  2. Date of birth - If you need to edit your date of birth this is the place where you can do it. Click on the “Edit” button and the popup with DOB will appear.

    In order to change the date, you will need to click the “Calendar” icon and choose the wanted date.

    If you need to change Year, Month and Day click on the current date on the left upper corner and select the wanted Year, Month and Day.


  3. Gender - In case you need to change the gender, click on the “Edit button” and from the popup, you can choose the gender and save it.


  4. E-mail - Changing the email for your account is simple. Click on the “Edit” button.

    In the popup you can see your current email(1) and in the field down(2) you can type the new email and save it.


  5. Password - You can change your password very easily. Click on the “Edit” button and in the popup set the current password, type the new one, retype it and save it.


  6. Home Club - If you want to add your Home Clube you can search and add it here. All you need is to click on the “Edit” button and search for your home club.


  7. Country - The player can change the country flag by clicking on the “Edit” button. In the pop up click on the drop-down, select a new country and save it.


  8. Sport - Changing your sport type (Whenever you create an event or ranking, the first choice of the sport type will be the sport that you had set as a "Favorite sport". This will help you and save time during creating events or rankings. Every sport has own specific icon for recognizing, the chosen sport it will be shown in the Player profile on the top of "Donate"

    The player can change his default sport by clicking on the “Edit” button. In the pop up click on the drop-down, select a new sport and save it.

    Sport icon in the player profile
    Creating an event (Check the image below) 

          Creating a ranking (Check the image below)

  9.  Mobile Phone - You can change your mobile number by clicking on the “Edit” button. Enter your new mobile number, then click save changes.

  10. Receive email notification - This feature allows you to receive an email for all your activities. If you don't want to be bothered with emails just switch to "off".

  11. Automatically join next Club League rounds - The club league is structured with a round-robin draw-type and it is played in multiple rounds. With this feature, you can join automatically when the new round is created. If this is not something you want, then just set it to "off".


  12. Allow to be added in events by the admin - With setting “ON” the admins can add you at the events. If you set it “OFF” the admins can only “Invite” you.
    After the admins will invite you, in your profile, at the ''Matches button” you can “Accept” or ” Reject” the invitation.


  13. Show my Date of Birth - This option is if you want your age to be displayed on your profile.

  14. Preferred Time Zone - This is allowing you to set the time zone you currently are in (In case of traveling and changing time zones).

  15. SPIN - This is only for the Squash players who are registered in the “World Squash Organization”.

  16. Newsletter Subscription -  You can On or Off this option by clicking on the edit button

  17. Allow private matches - You can allow being added to a private match by clicking on the edit button

  18. Download a copy of your Rankedin data - You can download your Rankedin data by clicking “Download”. 

  19. Delete account - You can delete your account here.