10.6 "Add Result" - your private match

Post a Score is the new way to record casual play!

Here are the guidelines:

  • If "Club" is selected the score count towards your Club Rating. 
  • Self-posted scores are posted publicly on player profiles and available at the "Matches" tab. Count to all statistics. 
  • Only self-post scores from private matches. If you want to post scores from an event at Rankedin, please contact event admin. 
  • You or the participant can delete any scores that are posted incorrectly.
  • If your opponent(s)/partner are not on Rankedin.com, you will have to invite them via email. The score will remain in a “pending” state until are on Rankedin.com.

Here's how to self-post your casual play scores: 

Sign in to your Rankedin.com account and click the Create button on the menu and select Post Score: