E-Referee is a built-in part of the system that transmits score/points you type in on a device (mobile, ipad etc.) to Live Scoreboard and Live  Video/Streaming. This feature can be used by the admin and participants in the activity. 

  • You can find E-Referee in the ,,Hamburger Menu" of the website and it is accessible from all pages and on all devices. 


  • In order to use E-Referee, you need to follow two steps.

The first step is to choose the event type (1) and the second is to select the event (if you participate in more than one event) (2) and then search by name of the players for the match or just pick the match from the list and select “Referee match”


  • You can also use a "Referee code". The referee code can be found in the Player profile in the section "Upcoming" under the match info(every match has a unique code). Copy the code and go to "E-Referee" code section(1). Paste the code(2) and click on "Go" and you will be able to referee the match.




Note: You can find your event in the E-Referee only if the activity (Tournament, ClubLeague etc.) is “Active”, meaning that the event has started.