14. Americano

14.1 Create Americano

In the top bar of the website, click the “Create(1)” button and select Americano(2). Check image 1 below. Image 1 You will be redirected to Create page where you will need to enter or select the necessary information for the tournament: - Name of the tournament - Until how many points will be played - Add players

14.1.1 Adding players

The admin can search for players that already have accounts in Rankedin and can add them by clicking on the search results Or can create a fake player by clicking on the “Create” button When you finish adding the players simply click on the “Start Game” button to start with your Americano. After the Americano is started the players will receive an email to confirm their participation. The admin can follow the confirmation in the “Standings” table.

14.1.2 Selecting Home club

The admin can select the home club (Organizer) in step 3 of the creation of the Americano event. To add the home club the admin needs to click on the “Home club (optional)” next to the “Start game!” button. After you will click “Home club (optional)”, the home club pop-up will appear. Type the name of your club and select it from the search result. After you will select your club, the club will appear on the create page NOTE: If the Rating is activated for your club, the Americ...

14.2 Entering results

The results can be added by the admin or the players. When you click on “00” will appear a popup with results that you want to give to the chosen team. After you will select the result the match will be highlighted

14.3 How can players find the Americano that are participating?

The players can find all Americano events that they participated in on their own profiles, they need to click on the “Americano(1)” tab and see all your Americano events(2).